"No handouts or dependency, but renewed minds, dignity and delight. This is local churches changing nations."
Nadine Parkinson

What is change a nation?

Change a Nation is a partnership between New Wine and Tearfund working together to see the local church rise up and a nation changed.

Poverty tricks people into thinking they have nothing, and leaves them feeling worthless. But God tells us that we’re full of potential and blessed with gifts and resources. By supporting a church in Uganda, you can equip them to lead their community out of extreme poverty - changing the nation of Uganda one person at a time.

Why Uganda?

In Uganda, of every 1000 babies born, 64 will die before they're five years old. More than 1 million children have been orphaned as a result of AIDS, just 21 per cent of girls and 22 per cent of boys have the opportunity to go to secondary school, and more than 50 per cent of the population don't have access to clean toilets.

Local churches are already working across Uganda, bringing about incredible transformation in people’s lives. We truly believe that by supporting more and more churches across Uganda, to unlock the potential within the people in their community, we can see the nation changed.


How does it work?

Tearfund partner PAG is working with local churches in some of the poorest communities in Uganda. Their way of working isn’t about doing things for people, it’s about enabling people to do things for themselves. Through Bible study, training, and skills workshops, lives are being transformed. Over time, whole communities become able to provide for themselves. This unique development approach is called the Participatory Evaluation Process (PEP).

Meet Patrick

Alcohol dependence was a normal part of Patrick’s life. Poverty had stripped from him not just his livelihood, but his reason for living. His family was hungry, and there was no money for his children’s school fees.

All this changed when the local church began a PEP project. Through Bible studies and workshops, Patrick started to see things differently. He broke free from alcohol addiction, and set about making the most of his own God-given skills and resources.

The impact on a nation

Your support, prayers and financial gifts will have a visible impact on the nation of Uganda. Each time an individual or a church signs up it means another person’s life has the potential to be transformed.

22149 Lives changed
48 Churches
383 Nation changers
£12 = a life changed

Each £12 will pay for one person to go through the Participatory Evaluation Process (PEP), training and equipping them to transform their life, provide for their family and impact their wider community.

By enabling people to do things for themselves, people rediscover their self-worth and learn new skills, as well as how to put existing skills and resources to work in a new way. Over time, hearts and mind-sets change and whole communities become able to provide for themselves.


The church’s training has changed my father’s mind about our problems and encouraged him to become more productive. We have been able to buy mosquito nets and have two meals a day.
Moses, 12


When my husband died I felt like God had rejected me forever... I don’t know where my family would be if it wasn’t for the church. The biggest change that has happened in my life is for me to know Jesus as my personal Saviour.
Grace, 40


I discovered that if I started planting cassava instead of envying other people, I would be able to improve my life.
Elizabeth, 50


I used to drink. I didn’t care if my wife and children were without food. When I was drunk I would beat my wife. When I gave my life to Jesus my relationship with my wife improved. We started working together.
Richard, 30

It's time to act!